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Construction Unity Board Operations


The Labor-Management Construction Unity Board (CUB) was formed to solve inter-related construction problems and to provide discipline within the industry.

CUB's aim is to provide a forum for fair, impartial, and logical analysis of problems confronting the various segments of the industry in their cooperative dealings. The goal of the Board is to come to "equitable solutions which will benefit the entire industry".

The Board seeks close liaison between varied industry interests to provide cooperation among all segments from the initial planning stage of the construction project, actual construction, and completion.

The Board is, in effect, a catalyst for dramatic change within the construction industry, seeking - through equity, fairness and mutual respect - to promote a sense of "teamwork" and mutual harmony.


  • To establish guidelines so that all segments of the construction process, owner/user, labor and management, can work harmoniously, efficiently, and cooperatively.
  • To seek equitable solutions to industry-related problems, and to formulate logical guidelines which delineate clearly the functions, duties, and expected performance levels to which those in the construction industry should adhere.
  • To prepare and disseminate these recommendations to all segments of the construction industry.
  • To campaign for industry wide acceptance and adherence to the recommendations.

CUB is financed jointly by the member unions of the Washtenaw County Building Trades Council and the organized management associations of the construction industry. All costs are shared in all matters dealing with Public Relations, Publication and Distribution of Recommendations. The meeting expense is shared by the members on a rotational basis.

How the Board Functions:

CUB is composed of the member unions of the Washtenaw County Building Trades Council, and their respective management contractor associations. The CUB Executive Committee is comprised of three members of management and three members of labor and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Board, on a voluntary basis. The full Board meets quarterly to consider the activities of the Executive Committee and consider problems submitted by member organizations.

If deemed of significance to the broad spectrum of the industry, the problems then are referred to a separate committee for analysis and possible development of recommendations that in turn are then considered by the full Board.

Final adoption of a proposed recommendation depends on the approval of all member organizations of the Board, each of which has a single vote.

The Committee also will hear problems from any construction industry oriented organization sponsored by one of the member groups.

Potential Impact:

The grass roots efforts of the Board is to provide a better channel of communications and ability to resolve inter-related industry problems before they become difficulties on a construction site.

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